We are a civic minded company that values increasing informed participation in the democratic process.

We support small businesses, non-profits, and political campaigns to move forward with their goals, mission and strategy.  We offer a wide range of services such as internet presence, compliance/bookkeeping, field operations, fundraising, database, payroll services, and campaign management & strategy. Our web team specializes in Drupal and CiviCRM installs, customizations, and maintenance.

We provide candidates with the knowledge and skills necessary to effectively communicate their message to the voters.


Campaign Coach!

You may have your team ready to go on the campaign.  You have the candidate, the campaign manager, the volunteer coordinator, and a team of volunteers ready to work. All you need is some direction and coaching on how to ensure your victory.  Forward Support is practiced at coaching candidates and their staff.  We can provide you with a solid plan, then provide the coaching along the way to carry out that plan.


Forward Support offers an initial one hour free consultation.

Contact us now to consider your plans.


“Congratulations on a job well done - your campaign strategy was brilliant and the key to victory.” - Karen Schouten, campaign manager, Neighbors for Schouten, re-elect Dick Schouten Washington County Commissioner District 1, 2012.


First time candidates

When you decide to run for office, you have a good idea of why you are running, and what you want to accomplish.  The difficult task is communicating your reasons for running to the voters who will elect you.

Our specialty at Forward Support is helping first time candidates build their voice, their message, and their organization.


We have worked for over three decades in every aspect of the political campaign.  Our partners have been campaign volunteers, campaign staff, campaign managers, campaign consultants and candidates for office.  We have gained the knowledge and experience that first time candidates can most benefit from.


Find your voice

Building the most effective campaign message really means finding the candidate’s voice.  We help you find the best way to express your message, and develop the material (website, mailers, door hangers, voters pamphlet statement) to present a consistent and effective message.


“After we finished second in the Primary by an 11% margin, Jim and the crew at Forward Support came in and improved our message and material in the campaign from a ‘6’ to a ‘9’.  Their work really paid off when Greg won 54% in the General election.” - Sean Sosnovec, campaign manager for Greg Malinowski for Washington County Commissioner, 2010.


Build your organization

A campaign requires many steps to succeed,.  It is necessary to establish a solid campaign calendar, identify your persuadable and supportive voters, and effectively contact those voters.  It is also necessary to raise adequate funds to run an effective campaign.


Jim Robison often tells candidates “You don’t need to outspend your opponent, but you do need to spend enough to be effective.”


“We could not have put this campaign together without Jim and Ellen at Forward Support.  Their help to build the campaign, the message and the targeting was critical.  In spite of being outspend by over two-to-one, their help earned a two-to-one win in the votes.” - Shirley Craddick, Metro Councilor District 1.



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