Call Center services

Our live operator call center is fully staffed with trained phone operators available to quickly conduct thousands of phone calls. Our operators can deliver a unique message directly to a specific voter and record responses. We also can conduct extensive multi-question surveys to random respondents.

Our robo-call center can quickly delivery an audio message to hundreds of thousands of numbers within hours. We can deliver a unique audio message to voicemails and to those that pick up the phone live and record responses to up to 100 unique questions.

Other phone services include:

General Introduction Calls: Used to increase name or issue recognition to a large audience. Those with limited budgets can micro-target likely voters and smaller sub categories as well.

Event Notification Calls: Call constituents about legislative town hall meetings. Notify members about an event. Target voice mail messages.

Get Out The Vote Calls (early and last minute): Remind likely voters to vote both early via mail or absentee, or to vote on a particular day. Build up name recognition.

Direct Mail Response Calls: Increase your direct mail response with a "chase" call, adding power and message penetration to your direct mail campaigns.

"Press 1" Transfer Calls: Transfer constituents eager to contribute, volunteer or place your yard sign directly to your offices. Inform voters on special issues, and then transfer them to their representatives to voice their opinion.

Automated Canvassing Calls: Introduce the candidate to voters before canvassing their precinct. Then, follow up with GOTV calls right before ballots drop. This helps bring out the votes you have worked so hard to produce.

Phone Polls and Surveys

Phone Polls and Surveys are a quick and inexpensive way to gather opinion research quickly and accurately. Our phone surveys have been used to predict the outcome of elections, gauge opinions on environmental issues, bond referenda, and marketing trends.

With Phone Surveys, clients can: • Survey public opinion on candidates and issues • Learn how members assess the organization and its programs • Canvass members for intention to vote and or for candidate preferences • Canvass members to learn which members would be responsive to volunteer appeals • Survey to assess which arguments about a candidate or issue are persuasive to members or to voters

Email lists and bulk email

"With email, a person can get his questions answered. You can bring people up to different levels of engagement with the campaign. You can't do that with any other medium."
- Joe Rothstein

Collecting email addresses every time you collect information from supporters, interested parties, etc. should be just as routine as asking for name and address. With the email address you can easily update people on the status of your campaign or organization, send out urgent action items, and more - all without the large expense of printing and postage for a mailing or the manpower needed for a phonebank.

Those names and email addresses can then be entered into a system that allows the campaign to quickly send out email blasts to everyone on the list. Depending on the system selected, emails can even be customized to include a personalized greeting and provide reports regarding the number of emails opened and forwarded.

"The old and inefficient telephone tree is giving way to e-mail lists and computers that can send a letter or news alert to thousands of people in seconds. It is a trend that might reshape politics...."
- Daniel Weintraub, Sacramento Bee

To help make your emails stand out, we will build you a template that has a similar look and feel to your web site. These templates help make your email easy and interesting to read, and continue the branding recognition you've built through your web site, mailings, etc.

We can build you a system that allows you to use the templates we've created to send the emails out yourself, or we can fully manage it for you - allowing you to focus on the campaign.

For more information, please contact us or use our online pricing form to get a quote.

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