Candidate thinks council needs new point of view

Letters to the editor Aug. 4

Aug 3, 2007
The Gresham Outlook
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Candidate thinks council needs new point of view

In the article on the Gresham City Council vacancy (in the Wednesday, Aug. 1, issue of The Outlook), it listed that I've worked on bonds, levies and measures in the area. Saying that I campaign for these items is only a small piece of the work that I've done out in East County and Gresham.

I have worked to educate my neighbors on the city and its needs, to locate candidates for office, educate the public on the Wal-Mart issue, testify in Gresham and Salem on payday loans and work towards a legislative solution, and more.

I have also lobbied elected officials from the local to the federal level in support of Gresham and its citizens.

Most recently, I have been working to reactivate a neighborhood association that has been inactive for some time.

I have posted information on my community involvement, as well as some of the issues I see facing the city and my announcement, at my Web site:

My decision to seek this seat was not one I took lightly or made quickly. I began considering this last year, and decided recently to run in 2008 - Karylinn Echols' seat is one that would be up for a vote next year.

I think filling this seat is even more important than just choosing someone who can get going right away. While the appointment may be temporary, it creates an "incumbent" in the position, increasing this person's chances of winning the seat in 2008. As such, the council should also consider things such as how they can better reflect the community on the council, bringing in new points of view, etc.

Jenni Simonis



Reader wants a fresh face on council

With the resignation of Karylinn Echols from the City Council, The Outlook can't wait to get another politics-as-usual candidate to fill her seat.

I have another idea.

Let's make prior political connections a minus in this evaluation. Let's make being able to jump right in with the back-room boys a minus, not a plus.

For once, let's put aside the insider and favor an outsider.

For the job of City Council, all one should need is a basic education, a lot of time to give the job and a good moral background. The knowledge that there ain't no free lunch is a plus, as is the courage not to spend the public's money when common sense says to save it instead.

Simple ideas, such as reducing the budget while taking care of the necessities, should be the candidate's focus.

A working knowledge of "grantsmanship," or the ability to schmooze money for unneeded projects, is NOT required, but one buzzword, "de-fund," must be in the candidate's lexicon.

We need a fresh face and a fresh attitude of common sense, and no thank you, I'm not interested.

George Schneider



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