Thank you, Portlanders!

Submitted by Amanda on Thu, 11/06/2008 - 8:30am.
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Dear Neighbor,

We won! The current numbers continue to give me over 70% of the vote, and therefore the Commissioner # 1 seat on the Portland City Council. Totally amazing, wonderful, delightful!

Thank you to:

1. You. Whether you volunteered in the office, contacted your friends, wore a button, hosted and/or delivered a yard sign, did sign-waving, wrote Letters to the Editor, prayed, collected $5 donations last year, sent me photographs, gave advice on policy issues, hosted an event, passed out literature, or did any of many other tasks, YOU made the difference. We had over 200 active volunteers in tasks organized by my staff, and thousands more who quietly told their friends, "You should vote for Amanda".

2. Linda Robinson and Tim Crail, who volunteered pretty much full time in both 2006 and 2008. People sometimes criticize me for being "too detail-oriented", but as a nurse, a mom, and a community organizer, I know that details matter. Giving the right medication. Getting children to do their homework and give it in on time. And making sure that data is accurate, that people and accounts are organized carefully. Linda and Tim have helped me in so many ways, over decades.

3. Ellen Miyo Ino Klaastad, my campaign manager. Talk about an outstanding community organizer! Ellen's work at the helm has been key to our success.

4. Jasun Wurster, Robert Wilson, Debra Porta, Amanda Mansfield, and Ted Gleichman. These folks staffed our office and also donated hundreds of hours of time and expertise to help achieve the win.

5. Super volunteers! Too many to list! I know who you are, though - folks who came into the office multiple times, who sign-waved almost continually for the past three weeks, who did whatever our team asked whether the task was great or small. You made this victory overwhelming.

6. Union power! What's great about my election, is that union power was evidenced by people power, not money. Feet on the street, literally. Again, I'm going to hold off on listing specific individuals or just a few of the eleven unions endorsing me -- but you should know I just typed several paragraphs remembering key volunteers, then erased them realizing this blog post could turn into a full-length book.

7. Elected officials and brand-name people/groups who supported me with their endorsements and with their willingness to inform and advise me. Oregon is well-served by many, many excellent people in public service - some famous, some working in agencies. And by people the private sector also creating good jobs, providing helpful research and analysis, and developing sustainable practices.

8. Lynn Siprelle, my wonderful webmaster, who has been my fairy blogmother for over three years, helping me with both this site and Hiram Sachs and Jim Hopkins at Sachs Communications, who produced our distinctive, fact-filled mailers; Tim Findlay at TGF Productions who created our uplifting TV commercials; Julie Keefe of Klicker-Keefe, our photographer; and Amy Simon, our pollster. It's not easy to capture a lifetime of service, and plans to help Portland in the next four years, in a short mailer or a 30-second commercial. My professional consultants helped me hit the ball out of the park. Joan Horton, accountant, and Hollywood Impress printing literature, are also great partners for a small business in Portland.

9. My family. Steve, Luke, Maxwell and Ali, and my parents-in-law Edward and Emily Fritz. And my UK family cheering me on by phone calls, emails, and prayers from England. Simply the best I could ever want.

10. Public Campaign Financing. I have been elected by the people of Portland. By the taxpayers of Portland, and volunteers some of whom don't even live in Portland, as well as by the voters. I will remember that, in every action, in every vote.

Thank you again for all your support, encouragement, and practical assistance. I will continue to need all three when I am in office. This is only the first step in bring Portland's many communities into City Hall in the most meaningful way ever. But wow, what a great first step!


Amanda Fritz, RN
Commissioner-elect, Portland City Council


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