Drupal Maintenance - Medium Site

Every month a number of updates come out for Drupal and its third-party modules and themes. Some of these updates are bug fixes and feature additions, while others are security fixes.

Knowing which updates to run and what compatibility issues you may run into can be a lot for the average site admin. However, because we administer a large number of sites, we've already tested those updates and know what issues you may run into or steps to be taken before updates.

By utilizing someone knowledgeable about these updates, not only can the updates be handled faster and easier, you don't have the huge risk of breaking your site by running the wrong update.

Our team will run all updates within the current branch on Drupal and its third-party modules found at drupal.org.

This package includes six hours per month of updates, which is adequate for a moderate sized site.

Custom themes and modules will not be updated as part of this package as they are unique to your site and will take additional testing time.

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