FS Poll White Paper Report : Tri-county voters are receptive to changes in election laws


The White Paper report will be tailored to each purchaser.  When you purchase a copy of the white paper, you will be called by Forward Support, Inc., to discuss the details of analysis that you would like from the poll results (issues of interest, demographics of interest, types of recommendations sought, etc) and to set up an appointment 2-3 weeks out.  You may during the call, designate a coordinator or main contact person for your group to handle logistics.

The White Paper report will be a printed document with a power point presentation tailored to the purchaser's interest. For instance, if you are a proponent of IRV, you will want recommendations on how to promote or pass IRV based on the information from the poll.

Forward Support, Inc. will present the report at a meeting with purchasing individual or group. Minimally, 2-5 days prior to the scheduled presentation, Forward Support will call to confirm the appointment and verify quantity of copies needed. FS will also at this time review logistics -- facility and equipment needs -- with the point person designated for your group.

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