Intermediate Drupal set up

This install will create a Drupal web site with several commonly used third-party modules.


  • easy to use administrator menu
  • upload and add audio to the site
  • a blog
  • a forum
  • commenting system
  • calendar
  • WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get editor) with the ability to upload files/images through the interface
  • search engine optimization (SEO) tools like Google Analytics and a sitemap for search engines
  • upload and add video
  • embed video from sites like YouTube


A theme is the "look" of the site - the layout, colors, fonts, and the like.

Sites are fixed width (a set width for the content; content is either aligned in the center with empty space on right and left, or aligned to the left with empty space on the right) or 100% width (content areas stretch to fill the entire screen).

This install includes several standard and custom themes, as seen below:
(click theme name for preview)

  • Bluemarine
    3-col theme, 100% width, room for logo or header image
  • Chameleon
    3-col theme, set width - content aligned to the left, room for logo or header image
  • Marvin
    Similar to chameleon, except main body area width expands with the browser, room for logo or header image
  • Garland
    3-col, 100% width, small space for logo
  • Minnelli
    3-col, set width version of Garland - content centered on page, small space for logo
  • Pushbutton
    3-col, 100% width, small space for logo, image in background of header
  • Acquia Marina
    Flexible layout theme - has numerous blocks that can be placed in various regions, primary menu uses tabs
  • Marinelli
    3-col fixed width page - content centered on page, comes with 3 versions - both sidebars on the left, both sidebars on the right, one sidebar on each side
  • Rootcandy
    Creates a simplified area for use in administrative areas. Adds graphics and navigation to make using the admin areas easier.
  • FS's base theme
    3-col fixed width - content centered on page, room for logo or banner at top, slideshow available


This install includes a few customizations to the base site:

  • Site name added
  • Logo added to header in space provided by theme
  • One of 9 themes enabled for users, rootcandy enabled for admin areas
  • Keywords and description added for site's default search engine optimization (SEO) information
  • Up to 8 links added to main menu
  • Text added to 8 basic pages (home page, contact page, about page, etc.)
  • Creating user account for local site admin
  • Main site color changed
  • Connect Google Analytics to site


Forward Support is not responsible for any issues that arise with third-party web hosts, such as server software that does not meet basic requirements for Drupal installations. We recommend purchasing web hosting along with this installation, as our servers are specifically set up for hosting Drupal and CiviCRM.

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