Changing the footer

To change the footer, go to the Site Information page from the administer menu (/admin/settings/site-information).

There you can change what text is put in the footer.


You will need to use paragraph breaks and line breaks in order to put text on separate lines.

If you want text directly on the next line, use <br /> at the end of the previous line.


<p>Line one's text here. <br />
Line two's text here. </p>

Looks like this:

Line one's text here.
Line two's text here.

If you want text to skip a line, which is in effect creating a new paragraph, use the paragraph coding. If has an opening piece of code and an ending piece of code. This is different than the line break, which only has one piece of code.


<p>Paragraph one here.</p>

<p>Paragraph two here.</p>

Looks like this:

Paragraph one here.

Paragraph two here.

Failure to use the line or paragaph breaks will cause your footer text to run together on one line (or multiple lines if there is too much text to fit on one line).

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