CiviEvent - Finding participants, view/edit their record

Once you've created an event, it is likely you will need to find a list of all the participants in your event. To do that, go to the Event menu and click on "Find Participants"

Event menu

This brings up a search form where you can search on a number of parameters. If you just want to look up one event, start typing its name in the Event Name field and it will automatically pull up any event(s) that match that name. Click on the event name in the drop down.

event name

Click Search.

If there is anyone signed up for this event, you will get a listing on the next page. Otherwise the search page will reload and tell you that no one has signed up for that event.

find participants

On this page you can see the person's name, the event, what fee level they were at, the amount, and more. You can also see what their status is.

View a participant's record

If you want to view their record for this event, click on "View" on the right side.

View Participant

Edit a participant's record

If you need to edit their record, just click "Edit" on the right side on the search listing (or click the "Edit" button if you are viewing their record).

This will bring up a page to edit their event record. This is handy if you need to input that a payment has been made offline or that a person has cancelled

edit person's event record

Exporting information

You can also export the records to a file that can be opened in other programs such as Excel or imported into another database. Just select the records you want to export and then choose export from the list of options under the "- actions -" drop down. From there you can either choose the default fields (name, address, etc.) or you can choose the fields yourself. Most often you will choose the fields yourself since you will want to export custom fields related to the event.

More information on exporting can be found here.



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