Changing site information

Chances are, your first couple of questions are:

Using the links above you can find more detailed information on those questions.

There are several bits of information that can be changed on the Site Information page under administer (/admin/settings/site-information).

Included in that are:

  • Site Name (that's what shows at the top left-hand corner of your browser)
  • Main e-mail address (any e-mails that go out from the site, such as log-in information, will show this address)
  • Slogan
  • Mission
  • Footer
  • Default front page

Site Info screenshot
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The main pieces on this page you're going to use are the Site Name, E-mail address, Footer, and Default front page.

Site Name

This is what shows up in the left hand corner of your web browser. It is the text to the right of the |. The text to the left of the | is the name of the page you're on.

Page Title | Site Name

So if you're on the Site Information page at the Drupal 101 site, the text in the left-hand corner will say"

Site Information | Drupal 101

You can control what this says by changing the Site Name and the title of each page, event, etc.

Site Name screenshot

E-mail address

Whenever an e-mail goes out from the site, such as that with log-in information for a site user, the e-mail address attached to that message can be set on this page.

Be sure it's an e-mail address that actually exists, because you may occasionally get responses or e-mails to that address.

Slogan & Mission

Slogan and Mission are rarely used in Drupal sites, and many themes do not use them. That means even if you input information (and turn them on via the Theme configuration page - /admin/build/themes), they may not show up. How they look and where they appear are controlled entirely by the site's theme.

The Slogan can also show up on your front page in the upper left-hand corner of your web browser.


More information on the footer, including how to use it, can be found here.

Default front page

More information on the front page options can be found here.

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